They did a great job in my bedrooms, even correcting some very poor work done by another contractor. I plan to have them do the rest of my house soon. They were very nice, showed up when they said they would, and cleaned up when they were finished. I highly recommend them.

Marcy S

Home Owner, Alexandria

I contacted Madera Floors to refinish my white oak floors in August, 2010, after purchasing the property. The previous owner had neglected the house and they had painted a reddish color on the floor in one of the bedrooms. Another bedroom had such a terrible odor from cat urine that it was uninhabitable. Overall, the wood floors in the house had a very worn and scratched appearance, and I was not certain that they could be salvaged.On the day that Madera’s team came to sand the floors I stopped by at lunch time. I was astonished to see that beautiful oak had been hidden under soil and neglect. Three coats of commercial grade semigloss finish were applied. I was away for a few days and my son stopped by the house to send a picture with his cell phone. It was a miracle! What a beautiful job! Who knew that this house could look this good! All of the areas that have wood floors – the bedrooms, living, and dining areas – look brand new. I am hopeful that the rest of the improvements made to this house will look this good.I contracted with Madera because I thought the price quote was very fair, and the owner, Javier, was very reliable. Madera Floors has increased the value of my property and created a home environment where my grandbabies can play. I am looking forward to entertaining my friends and family here in the coming years, thanks to Javier and his team. Oh, and that room that had the cat urine odor? Problem solved! All it took was professional refinishing.

Lisa V

Home Owner, Falls Church

We have just moved to Virginia from Pennsylvania and closed on a house in Manassas on July 22nd. We needed to have about 600′ sq ft of hardwood floors refinished and about 1100 feet of new hardwood flooring installed — all to match. All had to be stained, sealed, and then three coats of varnish applied. Shoe molding needed to be installed as well. The work included stairs and banisters. The Madera price was excellent as compared to several other estimates we received. Madera Floors had a very tight window of time within which to operate since we only had about 8-10 days between closing on our new house and when the movers from out of state arrived. Had they been late the extra cost to us could have been hefty.

Kent H

Home Owner, Manassas

After raising two children and two large retrievers over 17 years, we finally had our floors refinished. They hadn’t been refinished in 40 years, if ever, and were down to bare wood. In addition, old water damage in a back hallway had blackened the wood to the point where I didn’t think it was repairable. But, Madera Floors came in and worked their magic and now I have beautiful wood floors to be proud of. The newer water based system emited far fewer toxic odors than the older oil based system, making it possible for us to live in the basement on a sleeper sofa during the entire process!

Dawn B

Home Owner, Arlington

We hired Madera Floors to refinish hardwood floors on a place we just bought, as well as to add in some areas. Both projects look great. Javier and his people were very professional, arrived when they said they would, and took great care to make sure we were happy with the work. They even cleaned out the grooves between the older pieces of hardwood with a scraper before re-staining the wood and applying the poly-urethane. We had estimates done by several contractors, and went with Madera Floors because they walked us through the pros and cons of every decision we had to make (buffing v. sanding, color choices, melding the new floor with the old floor, oil v. water based, etc.) and seemed genuinely interested in making sure we got a good looking floor. I have no doubt we made a good choice.

Dennis S

Home Owner, Oakton

I purchased an older house with what looks to be the original floor. The guys came in and did a fantastic job! They showed complete respect for my house as to keeping it clean throughout the process – taping off the doorways, even though it was empty at the time and leaving all the trash and debris from the refinishing neatly outside. I can’t say enough about the fantastic job and how pleased I am. I highly recommend anyone to call Madera Floors for any flooring work that they need.

Kelly S

Home Owner, Leesburg