Dust containment systems are particularly useful for refinishing floors because sanding and refinishing floors can create a large amount of dust and debris. This dust can be hazardous to health and can also damage nearby equipment or furnishings.

A dust containment system for floor refinishing typically involves creating a barrier around the work area using plastic sheeting, with a negative air pressure system in place to prevent dust from escaping.

During the refinishing process, the dust containment system helps to ensure that dust and debris are contained within the work area, preventing it from spreading throughout the building. This helps to maintain a clean and safe working environment for workers and prevents damage to nearby equipment or furnishings.

After the refinishing process is complete, the dust containment system can be removed, and the area can be thoroughly cleaned. 

Overall, a dust containment system is an essential tool for refinishing floors, helping to ensure that the process is completed safely, efficiently, and with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.